We offer the finest Molosser dog breeds for sale, as well as training and boarding services. All of our breeding stock dogs are Embark DNA tested.
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Molosser dogs make the most amazing dogs for personal protection or as perimeter guardians, live stock guardians, bay dogs and catch dogs.
If you are interested in these amazing breeds we can make a plan that best suits your needs.

Our Puppies

We offer a 1 year health guarantee and papers to show lineage of our registered ladies and studs.

We have mastiff puppies for sale. Our puppies are socialized at the local farmers markets and if you choose, we can also provide training. 

The training we offer is a three week board and train that includes sit, down, stay, come, and heel, as well as on and off leash with a long recall. The basic training package is $2,000.

Our property is located in Winnsboro, Texas
with 30 acres of space!

We handle the puppies daily from birth
to guarantee they are socialized.
Which breed is the right breed for you?
Read more about the different breeds we have available
or contact us to discuss your individual needs.
Please contact us if you have questions

Our Dogs

We just love these large breeds here at lone star mastiffs and we understand their unique needs and personalities. We want to help pick the right dog for you!

Almost all of our sires and dames are ARBA (The American Rare Breed Association) registered and UKC registered.

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