American Molossus

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The American Molossus is a relatively new breed of molosser dog that derives it roots from Neapolitan and Old English Mastiff crosses. They have a wide range of temperaments. Most are best suited as close quarter guardians and have excellent temperaments for being in a family environment. This breed is best suited to being estate guardians. The development of this breed is still in progress. The American Molossus was recently accepted into ARBA (The American Rare Breed Association).
150- 200 pounds
27 - 35 inches
6 - 8 years
Need to Know:

If you’re looking for a large, intimidating dog to join your family, the American molossus may be a good fit. These giant dogs are bred to be guard dogs and are easily recognizable from their large stature and the vast number of wrinkles in their face and neck. The American Molossus is closely related to the venerable Neapolitan Mastiff, but bred to even greater size to emulate the Mesopotamian Molossus.


These colossal dogs can grow up to six feet tall when standing on their hind legs and weigh nearly 200 pounds. If you’re interested in owning an American Molossus, it’s essential that you’re able to put the time and care into proper training of your puppy. These giants can be gentle and fit in as a family pet, but their size necessitates that they’re trained by an expert.


This breed is flexible to your needs, thanks to its ongoing development. To find out more about American Molossus dogs and tell us about what you’re looking for in a puppy, reach out to us at Lone Star Mastiffs.

American Molossus
Perimeter Patrol

This breed has a steady and loyal temperament and does not like intrusions by strangers.

Gentle Giants

These dogs are large and intimidating but can fit in as a wonderful family pet with the proper training and care.

Extremely Loyal

This breed has a profound sense of loyalty and will protect against any threat to their masters.

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