Lonestar Mastiff Bandog

Lonestar Mastiff Bandog Breed Info The Lone Star Mastiffs bandog is not a breed, but rather defines the characteristics of a strictly working cross of dogs. The name comes from the saxon word “banda” meaning chain. They were by definition guard dogs. They were chained during the day and loosed at night to guard people […]

Armenian Gampr Dog

Armenian Gampr Dog Breed Info The Armenian Gampr Dog is a very rare and ancient breed of molosser dog. The Gampr is the national dog of Armenia. They were traditionally used as live stock guardians and still do this work amazingly well. Our Gampr Dogs will be ARBA (The American Rare Breed Association) registered. Weight […]

Perro de Presa Canario

Perro de Presa Canario Breed Info The Presa has one of the most interesting histories of molosser dog breeds. They are originally from the Canary Islands, which translates to “island of the dogs”; and their heritage is interwoven with local history and customs. Presa are know for having high drive. They make excellent catch dogs […]

South African Boerboel

South African Boerboels Breed Info Boerboels are a working breed of molossers from South Africa. Originally bandogs for Dutch farmers in South Africa. They used Boerboels as guardians and hunting dogs. Over time they have become more watered down and are one of the better suited working molosser breeds for a family. They are extremely […]

American Molossus

American Molossus Breed Info The American Molossus is a relatively new breed of molosser dog that derives it roots from Neapolitan and Old English Mastiff crosses. They have a wide range of temperaments. Most are best suited as close quarter guardians and have excellent temperaments for being in a family environment. This breed is best […]

Central Asian Ovcharka

Central Asian Ovcharka Breed Info Central Asian Ovcharkas are an ancient breed of working molossers that are tenacious and fierce guard dogs. They are live stock guardians and excellent perimeter guardians that will also guard children and people that they have grown up with. They require a dedicated owner that understands their personalities, as they […]

Caucasian Ovcharka

Caucasian Ovcharka Breed Info Caucasian Ovcharkas are an ancient molosser breed indigenous to Eastern Europe and Russia. They are primarily used as livestock guardians, but recently have been used as security dogs, personal protection k9s, and in Russian prisons. They are instinctual guard dogs and can be aggressive. Lone Star Mastiffs has picked CO’s from […]

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