Livestock Guardian

Livestock Guardian Training Some dogs have an instinct to guard but they still need training and exposure. Having a livestock guardian requires the dog have a base instinctual desire to want to guard a flock or herd of animals, this has to be nurtured in the dog at an early age. The dog must grow […]

Personal Protection

Personal Protection Training Personal Protection requires a special breed of dog. Personal protection training is a complex form that requires intense training over a period of months. A personal protection dog will be taught obedience, attack on command, release on command and socialization. It requires a very special type of dog to be able to […]

Obedience Training

Obedience Training We offer customized training options to fit you and your dogs’ needs. We offer basic puppy training on any puppies that we breed. We do, also offer puppy training for dogs that were not bred by Lone Star Mastiffs on a case-by-case basis.    The basic puppy package includes 2 weeks of training […]

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