Livestock Guardian

Livestock Guardian Training Some dogs have an instinct to guard but they still need training and exposure. Having a livestock guardian requires the dog have a base instinctual desire to want to guard a flock or herd of animals, this has to be nurtured in the dog at an early age. The dog must grow […]

Personal Protection

Personal Protection Training Personal Protection requires a special breed of dog. Personal protection training is a complex form that requires intense training over a period of months. A personal protection dog will be taught obedience, attack on command, release on command and socialization. It requires a very special type of dog to be able to […]

Obedience Training

Obedience Training We offer two different options for obedience training. For those close to our facilities we provide one-on-one personalized training sessions for a $30 hourly rate. We also offer 2 week board and trains for dogs over 50 lbs. The dog will be trained to sit, lay down, come, and stay. This basic package […]